In Excel, How to remove Macros from an Excel Workbook- 3 Easy Ways

Mastering Excel takes time and effort for a normal user. Unless you are an Excel expert, getting the hang of the advanced features might be a daunting and tiresome process. Unfortunately, not all commands are visible in an open worksheet. Removing Macros is a perfect example. You can automate repetitive tasks and make new functionalities … Read more

50 useful Macro Codes for Excel

50 useful Macro Codes for Excel

Macros code is visual basic for applications (VBA). Macros can be used in excel to automate tasks that are performed regularly and prevent you from manually performing them each and every time. The automation process by the use of macros in excel results in time-saving and produces quality, reliable work. You can create macros in … Read more

Useful Excel Macros for Accountants

Excel Macros

A macro is an excel feature used to automate tasks. As an accountant, you always carry out repetitive tasks each day and you can automate some of those tasks to make your work easier. A macro is a set action recorded through the visual basic application to help in speeding up operations with an organization. … Read more