How to add a button in excel

When we mention buttons in Excel, anyone who is not a consistent user will wonder what that means. Yes, Microsoft Excel does have Macros buttons which are the most advanced level of Excel. These buttons are commands initiated by a single click. It is easy to add buttons to excel. A user can simplify and save the time that they will take to navigate between different cells looking for specific information. In short, the buttons are inserted to perform specific tasks for us. The three different types of buttons you can place in a worksheet include;

  • Shapes
  • Form Control Buttons

This article shows how to add a button in Excel and how to assign Macros to them. With those buttons, navigating through your spreadsheet won't be a nightmare anymore.

Method 1: Using shapes to create Macro buttons to open a particular sheet

You can create a macros button by using shapes. You can easily create a rounded rectangle; add a hyperlink to it for your worksheet. Here is what you can do;
1. On the main menu ribbon, click on the Insert tab.

2. Go to Shapes and click the drop-down arrow, and select the Rounded Rectangle icon.

3. Draw a rounded rectangle on your worksheet.

5. Format the shape by typing text into it-Right-click on the form and select edit text. Or double-click the shape.

6. To Hyperlink the shape, right-click on it and select Hyperlink from the menu. Right-clicking will display an Insert Hyperlink dialogue box.

  • Under the 'Link to' section, select 'Place in This Document.
  • Under the 'Type the cell reference' section, type in the destination cell address.
  • Under the 'Or select a place in this document box, click to choose the particular sheet name. Click the OK button when done.

When you click the rounded rectangle, it will skip to the specified cell of a specified sheet.

7. To assign the macro, right-click on the table and select Assign Macro. Under the 'Macros in' drop-down arrow, select 'This Workbook'. Here, select the macro from the list of macros in This Workbook.

8. Press OK. When you point your mouse on this shape, it will turn to the hand pointer cursor, and clicking the form will run the macro. Remember to set your shape not to resize with cell changes by right-clicking on it and selecting 'Size and Properties.'

Method 2: Using Developers Form Control Buttons to create buttons in Excel

1. On the main ribbon, click on the Developer tab.

2. Go to the Insert button and click the drop-down arrow.

3. Under Form Control, select the first option called button. Draw a button on your worksheet

4. Next, in the Assign Macro dialogue box, type or select a name for the macro.

5. Click, OK when done. You can click on this button to run the macro.


When working with adding buttons to Excel, it is best to keep it easy and straightforward. The above methods portray these as the steps are short and easy to follow. They are not only easy to set up, but they also give you different options for formatting.

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