How to count cells that contain dates in Excel

Excel sheets nearly store all types and sorts of data that we happen to interact with within our day-to-day life activities. In excel sheets you can record time, date, schedule events and activities, keep a record of items and their prices, and many more.

Any type of data we wish to record or record in Excel sheets is time-dependent even though we may not include tome in all the records, but dates will always remain a vital aspect.

We use dates in excel to keep a good track of the time when our records were created and recorded. With date also you can easily trace a particular set of data or a cell because you will sort the entire data by date.

To count all the cells that contain dates is just the way to give the numerical values of cells that have the data values

We can use the following procedure with examples to guide us in the activity of counting the number of cells with dates.

Step 1

Come up with a data set where you will need to tally the cells with date values. Open a new excel sheet from your computing device and record your data in it as shown below

Step 2

The next step in this procedure will be to count the number of cells with data values relating to date in the given set of data. For us to count cells from a given data in excel, we use the function COUNTA. This is the all counting function; it does all operations related to counting.

To count cells from a date in excel sheets, write the formula =COUNTA (B2: B6) on the formula bar and click on the enter button. B2 and B6 are the data range that we are working on. The commonly used data format in excel sheets is the month, day, and year format.

The result will appear on the result cell, cell D2 on the spreadsheet.

From the above scenario, the number of cells in the excel sheet with values related to dates is 5.

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