How to graph three variables in Excel

Data analysis involves plotting graphs, and the XY graphs are among the most potent ones. You can use the XY graphs to plot and compare two variables, the trend and how they vary against each other. But what will you do if you have three sets of data to plot on the same graph? This might sound strange, but excel is a hub of multiple possibilities. This tutorial will guide you on how to plot three variables on the same graph, so follow the steps below:

How to plot three variables on a line graph

1. Open your excel spreadsheet, enter your data in three columns, and name the columns.

2. Select everything, including the headers.

3.  Click on the Insert tab on the navigation menu.

4. Navigate to the charts session and click on the line graph

The three axes must have different colors. Your headers are picked automatically to identify the axis.

5.  You can choose a line without markers or any other type from the listed options

6.  Click on the styles icon on the right-hand side to select different colors, themes, and styles. Alternatively, you can use the styling menu by clicking on chart tools and then design.

How to graph three variables using a bar graph

1. Open the spreadsheet containing your three variables

2. Highlight all the data, including the headers

3. Head over to the insert tab

4. Navigate to the graphs section and choose a bar graph of your choice. Excel will automatically detect the number of variables and plot them.

You can design the bar graphs by clicking the design tabs. Excel offers a wide range of options that you can make to make your charts smart. Plotting a graph with three variables is very easy. You can plot a line graph, a pie chart, a bar, a graph, a line graph, a scatter graph, and any other available graph in the charts section. It's similar to creating a 2 variable graph.

How to graph three variables using a Bubble Chart

Bubble charts are used to visualize the data in 3 dimensions. Instead of plotting two variables (x and y) in a traditional chart, you will use z coordinates to plot the third variable which will show you its size of it. So two-variable will be plotted using x and y and the third will be for size.

1. Temperature and Humidity will be  X and Y coordinates and Rainfall will be Z coordinate

2.  Select the table.

3.  Go to Insert > Insert Scatter Chart or Bubble Chart > Bubble

4. Select the 3-D Bubble

5. 3-D Chart will be Plotted.

That is all there is on how to plot three variables on one graph. I hope you enjoyed this tutorial. Please share!

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