How to use date reminders in excel

Reminders or notifications can be inserted into the excel document for purposes. This date reminder plays a vital role in ensuring a certain activity is not omitted and is done at the right time. Many users do not know this excel feature, and therefore only a few may realize the benefits behind it. However, others may have heard of it but using it becomes a challenge. This article makes it easier for any user who wants to use the reminder feature of Excel.

We shall discuss two methods that you can comfortably use to set a reminder:

  1. Use the IF function to display a message
  2. Use conditional formatting

Use the IF function to display a message.

In this method, the IF function is used to display a reminder message if the date is due to the set date. The following steps should be followed if this method is used:

1. Open your excel document that you want to set the date reminder or the notification.

2. If the document is empty, you can add the data on the cell alongside dates.

3. Separately, from the column that contains the information and the date, create a new column called Remarks. This is the column that will contain the IF function reminder.

4. Write an IF function next to the date on each row that contains the data.

Formula: =IF(B2<TODAY()+2,”send reminder”,””)

Below is an example:

The above is a table showing how the If the function can be inserted on the excel cells. According to the above example, B is used to refer to the column where the date is located, +2 is used to remind the user two days earlier, and the phrase "send reminder" is displayed when the reminder date has reached.

Use of conditional formatting

In this method, the following steps are encountered:

1. Fill the excel file with the required data, i.e., the date and the date information.

2. Then, highlight the dates in the date column.

3. On the excel page, go to the "Home" tab. This is found on the uppermost part of the screen. Click on this button.

4. Locate and click the "conditional Formatting" button, creating a new formula.

5. Once you've clicked the conditional formatting button, a new page with the title "New Formatting Rule" opens. It is on this page that you will add the AND formula. The AND formula is responsible for comparing two conditions. An example of the AND formulae would be:

=AND (B<> "", B<TODAY () +2)

6. Formatting involves formatting and customizing how the reminder will look if the conditions are met. The operation involved in this step includes: editing the border color, the font style, fill inside, and the font color.

7. Then click "OK" to complete the customization and the process of setting a reminder. If the date is two days due to the set date, the date will be highlighted.

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