How to write text vertically in Excel

The most common type of writing is got to be horizontal writing where the texts, characters, and numbers originate from the left going to the right unless some adjustments have been done to the writing or paragraphing.

The horizontal writing format is common because it is easier to read and comprehend faster. The vertical writing format is not commonly used because it is hard to read and interpret. It gives the readers a hard time for they will have to write the characters horizontally for easier reading and understanding.

There are different writing formats as well as numerous font types. When texts are written vertically, this will mean that they originate from either the top to the bottom or from the bottom to the top. In most cases, the texts will move from the top to the bottom unless they have been rotated or subjected to some other manipulations.

Vertical texts are mostly used in writing the title of books and when you want to emphasize the wording of the texts. They are used in advertisements for products.

Below are some of the steps to go about transforming the texts to appear vertically, they may include the following;

How to write Text vertically in Excel

1. Open the excel sheet from your computer and write some texts on any cell. If you already have the data to transform you are good to go to step two. An example of the excel sheet is the one below.

2. The next step is to highlight the texts that we want to transform from vertical to horizontal. Because all the text appears on the first row, we select the first row.

After selecting, go to the Home tab

3. under alignment select orientation, it has the icon of (ab) and an arrow. Scroll down and select the vertical text.

4. The names will appear vertically from top to bottom on cells A1 and B1.

Once the vertical orientation is selected unless you choose another orientation, all the texts you write on the range will remain on vertical orientation for the entire excel sheet.

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